May 7, 2011

Oh, Target, Why'd You Have To Go and Break My Heart???

I haven't posted much since January, so I realize one of my first post returning to blogging really shouldn't be a rant. But ladies, I'm so mad at Target I could spit! From our local store here in Canton Michigan to Target National Headquarters Customer Service Department in Minneapolis Minnesota, I have NEVER, EVER been treated so rudely and coldly by ANY retail corporation before.  Now, I know Target is almost sacred ground to those who frequent those local Target stores.  I'm with ya.  I've always loved Target and I have done much of my personal and gift shopping there for many years.  I love moseying around the Dollar Spot, I love, love, love the children's and infants clothing and toys, I adore the Shabby Chic line, etc., etc., etc..  Target is one of my all time favorite stores.  So...what's the problem? 

By any chance, have you ever tried RETURNING anything to Target...without the sacred valid receipt???  No matter what the extenuating circumstances of the receipt less return, in the words of Mr. T, "I pity you"!

I totally understand that in our current economy no company can consider retail loss lightly.  Every company has a right to protect it's interests, even an obligation to it's customers in order to keep pricing down.  I get it.  Company policies are created to limit theft and protect against unwarranted returns which create financial loss.  I get it and agree with it.  The policy isn't really what I'm mad about.  I'm mad because ANY corporation and ANY level employee can enforce policies with a bit of humanity and kindness. 

Here's my story...
For Christmas my husband and I purchased my parents a sound board at Target.  Both of them are in their 80's, almost deaf and blind.  Their only real enjoyment is TV.  They have a hunormous 58" flat screen which takes care of see the TV, but they still couldn't hear it (though anyone else is hemorrhaging from the ears if you watch TV with them!).  Evidently, no one was able to make the sound board work with their TV so when we visited them last we brought it home with us to return.  The very next morning my husband took it to our local Target for return.  He had our receipt but admittedly the date for return had gone by.  Naturally, his request for even store credit was denied - by the person behind the service desk and by the store manager.  When he returned home I decided to call the Target Headquarters in Minneapolis.  I explained to the young male executive who had taken my call the circumstances of the purchase and the reasons why it had taken us longer than the time allowed in their policy to return the item.  Now, most of you know what kind of a winter we've had in our family.  Our daughter-in-law died having her and our son's first baby two days before Christmas.  The days since have been such as sad tearful movies are made of.  As I finished telling the guy the story, I was expecting a kind response, not necessarily a change in policy just for me. 

What did I get??? 

"Ya, ya, I hear all kinds of sad stories.  You still have to follow the rules." 

So, not only do we have a sound board we don't want, but Target has the honor of being the very first and only person or corporation from around the world to respond to our family's tragedy with a heartless, cold, cruel response. 

Congrats, Target Headquarters.