Dec 5, 2011

Missing You, My Darling Daughter-in-Law

It seems impossible to believe it will be a year on December 23rd since you left us.  You're missed each and every day, most especially by Jacob.  Your baby Amelia couldn't be more precious.  She's healthy, happy, beautiful, smart, stubborn, and independent!  We all think of you many times a day as we do the things for Amelia that you should be doing.  You would love her so very much and you would be so proud of Jacob and the wonderful, loving father he is.  Some how I think you know that.  Perhaps God allows those who arrive at Heaven's Gates too soon (for earthly standards) to watch with pleasure the lives they left behind.
We love you very much, Jenni, and await the day we all meet again.


Donna said...

Very moving Cathy, and I love the snow scenes.

Laurie said...

Your words and this song are such a beautiful tribute to Jenni, Kathy. With our own daughter and son-in-law expecting their second child any minute, my heart goes out to Jacob and Amelia as well as you and the rest of your family. I can only imagine what Jenni's second Christmas will be like, full of light and joy, in the company of her Lord and Savior, and I know this is the blessed hope you all have, to see her again. What a glorious day that will be!

Love and blessings to you and your family, Kathy,

~CC Catherine said...

Dearest Kathy, What a lovely song and and post in remembrance of Jenny. I have finally posted the LOVE Auction I wanted to do for Amelia all year that you said would be okay to do. Here is the hyperlink, if you want to share it with all those that love Amelia.

Maybe we can give her a nice birthday present of $ to be used for whatever she may need at this time.

You sound tired, but good. I know this anniversary of Jenny's death won't be easy. I have you in my prayers. I apologize that this year has been so crazy for me and that I wasn't able to post before now about the auction.

I hope we can get reconnected at one point when life slows down a little bit more for you. I've not posted much this year either...most time there are months between posting and even visiting friends has been almost nonexistent. Prayerfully 2012 will be easier.

May Christ continue to be your strength my friend~ xoxo Hugs! PS: The auction ends on 12/21 - and I'll be notifying everyone with the winning bids on 12/22. I'll let you know how things turn out! ~CC Catherine from Catherine's Tea Cups

Justabeachkat said...

Such a sweet post! I'm sure she's smiling down watching her special girl and missing you all.

Merry Christmas hugs,

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Thinking of you and your son and that precious baby girl.
Prayers sent your way my dear,

~CC Catherine said...

Kathy...I'm so glad you came to see the post tonight for Amelia. I just had someone else visit that I've never met before...and she is sending $20 without even participating in the auction...another lady sending $10 and not bidding. I'm blessed by their the one blogger I've only met briefly and the other blogger I just visited her tonight. GOD IS SO AWESOME in how he supplies! I'm hoping I can get a recent photo of Amelia so that I can post it next week when I announce the winning bids and share the outcome of the auction for those who participated. Do you have a paypal account? If you do...that might be the fastest way I can transfer the gifts to you. You can email me about that and let me know what would work best. Love you friend...and can't wait to catch up. It's been WAY too long! Thinking about you often this week...and will be praying that GOD will continue to be faithful to Amelia, Jacob, you, and the rest of your precious family! Hugs!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Oh Kath.....You know my all of you!

Jackie said...

What a beautiful video to share. May your family be blessed this Christmas season.

~CC Catherine said...

Kathy, Just got back from PA from a funeral for my one father-in-love. My mother came back with me and is fighting an infection in her body. She's feeling much better now since I took her to an Urgent Care facility Thursday night. Wrapping the Love Auction up - I still have emails to check, but I think we have raised roughly $150 for Amelia. ;) I'll be in touch after the New Years this next week about how to mail the money to you for her and her Dad to use however she might need it. ;) Hugs friend and Happy New Year. I pray your family enjoyed the Christmas Season...I know it was bittersweet missing Jenny and celebrating Amelia's Christmas with the family together. God has a way of turning our mourning into joy. I pray that the joy will fill your hearts from those that you love you all so much! Talk soon! xoxo ~CC Catherine

Justabeachkat said...

Happy New Year sweet friend!

I sure miss your blog and hope you will write again soon.

BTW...just like my blog post tonight expresses - YOU are important to me. Thanks for your friendship.


SGG said...

Wow... I just happened to stop by and read your post to your DIL. The video was so moving, I sat here with tears flowing as I viewed the picture of your precious granddaughter.

I know this Christmas season was hard as you reflected on the anniversary of your tremendous loss... but also on the precious gift you were given.

Thank you for being transparent and sharing your heart.

May God bless you and your family tremendously this year!

Tänia of Simply God's Girl

SGG said...

Hi Kathy! Thank you for stopping by my blog. Just wanted to say you have been on my heart and I have been thinking about you. Have a blessed week!

Tänia of Simply God's Girl

Technonana said...

Good Morning Kathy... just wanted you to know you are in my thoughts today! Praying for you and your family!
In Him,

Bernideen said...

I just came across your postings and so sorry for this terrible loss in your family.