Apr 2, 2010

Easter Funnies

Easter duck and Easter chick,

Easter eggs with chocolate thick,

Easter hats for one and all,

Easter bunny makes a call!

Happy Easter always brings

Such a lot of pleasant things!


What do you get if you pour hot water down a rabbit hole?

Hot cross bunnies!

Why does the Easter Bunny have a shiny nose?

Because the powder puff is on the other end!

How does the Easter Bunny travel?

By hare plane!

What did the rabbit say to the carrot?

It’s been nice gnawing you!

What did the rabbits do after their wedding?

Went on their bunnymoon!


Kat said...

What a fun cute post!

Happy Easter sweet friend.


Heather said...

you are too funny! Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Delightful EASTER chuckles ;-)
Hope YOUR Easter was wonderful!
Hugs and blessings,