Jan 9, 2011

Fundraiser held at Plymouth restaurant to support widowed dad

The benefit for our granddaughter Amelia tonight was wonderful. There are some very wonderful people in the world. WXYZ TV interviewed Jacob with Amelia this afternoon. If you'd like to see the interview click on the following link.

Fundraiser held at Plymouth restaurant to support widowed dad

"Thank you" isn't nearly enough for the many, many encouraging and compassionate notes and promises of prayer I've received from Blog Land. Each one of you is appreciated more than you will ever know. It's the love of so many and especially prayer, which is getting us through each day.


Kat said...

What a sweet news spot. I'm keeping you in my prayers sweet friend.


Miss Gracie's House said...

Oh....Kathy...this is my first time here and my heart just breaks for your family's loss...I am so, so sorry...it must hurt so much to watch your boy grieve...mamas want to fix it better, i do know....I will remember you all in my prayers...cling to Him who is able!

~CC Catherine said...

Hi Dear friend...I've been out of touch with my flying up to Pennsylvania to see my Mom after her stroke. I visited Amelia's blog just now and can't stop crying... I'm sure you hear that a lot, and I'm positive that everyone that both reads the story of Jacob, Jenni, and Amelia do the same. Heaven surely is fortunate to have Jenni, what a doll she is... I love the pic of Amelia in her mommy's beads and the bow band in her hair to match. I'm sure as she grows up, it will be these type of things/memories of Jenni's that she'll love to have to remember her by. I sent you an email late last week about an idea I have to try to raise some money for Amelia/Jacob. I also have another one that I'll share with you later. Love & Hugs friend...I pray for SUPERNATURAL strength & favor for you Kathy so you can continue to care for Baby Amelia. She is absolutely a beautiful little angel. ~CC

Lorrie said...

Kathy, I haven't been to your blog for a long time. I was shocked to read the news about your sweet daughter-in-law. How you all must ache.
Our first granddaughter was born on Dec 15, just a week before yours. Babies are such sweet therapy.

My heart is full of prayers for peace and comfort for you all.


Blondie's Journal said...

Thanks so much for visiting, Kathy. All of you have been in my heart and prayers. Your precious granddaughter is darling...I love her little smile.

Yes, we have had a miserable winter weather~wise here in the Midwest...I hope the worst of it is over. We all need some sunny skies.

Take care my friend and give that sweet little girl a kiss from me!