Jun 3, 2008

Bears and Butterflies

On Sunday over Memorial Day weekend my husband and I went to the Toledo Zoo with our daughter, her husband, and their two baby girls. We had a delightful day. Usually when you visit the polar bear exhibit the bears are pretty lazy. Your lucky if you see one lift his nose from the faux ice! This time, however, was different. The bears were putting on quite a show. I believe one was the mother and two were her babies. The babies were so playful and entertaining, diving in the water repeatedly, rolling around in a tug of war over the "baby bear toys". I was mesmerized by their beauty. I stood practically nose to nose with the bears as they curiously observed their admirers. Seriously, it almost made me cry when one of the babies came to the window where I stood with my hand on the glass and touched his nose to my palm through the glass. His young, still snow white fur glistened and shimmered in the water. He blinked his eyes, I was convinced right at me, then swam on to play with his sibling. It was just a really sweet experience.

One of the other really neat exhibits at the Toledo Zoo is the butterfly house. My granddaughter and I went in to see them and it was phenomenal! Butterflies of dozens of varieties flutter all around you. The gardens in the butterfly house are gorgeous as well. If you ever go to the Toledo Zoo don't miss the butterfly house!
Two of the sweetest butterflies I know!


A Hint of Home said...

How adorable those two cuties are. Hope you had a fun relaxing time.
Those butterfly houses are so neat to go through. Great shots of the bears, too.

Betty said...

Thanks for dropping by and commenting on our visit from Marion and John. We had a wonderful time....just too brief.....

I'm beginning to post about it....I enjoyed your visit to the zoo and butterfly house....Betty

Crochetoholic said...

what beautiful pictures...I loved the bear swimming... :) DaBookLady

Needled Mom said...

Great shots of both the bears and the butterflies. How lucky you were to see so much action from the bears.

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

Hi Kathy,
I really enjoyed looking at your blog....you have a lovely family. Its always a good time with grand children. I'll be back soon for another visit.
Mo :-)