Jul 15, 2008

My Beach Days Are Gone Too Soon!

Well, I am regretfully back from my vacation in Florida. We were actually gone for a long time - three weeks, so I should be more grateful, but it's never long enough for me! There simply could not be too much beach!! We all had a great time. Our son and future daughter-in-law came for a week and our daughter and her family came for two weeks. We went to Disney World for three days first, then on to the beach. We had such a fun time at Disney. Sydney, our 4 year old granddaughter was the perfect age to really get into it. She had a blast and we did too, just watching her. Isabelle, the 11 month old, was pretty interested in everything too, but she was confined to a stroller most of the time. She seemed happy enough to have a little distance between herself and huge furry creatures! We had pretty decent weather at Disney too, other than one torrential rainfall. If you've ever been caught in a storm at Disney World you know that they are fast but fierce! We all survived and had a great time.

After three days in Orlando we drove to the beach, Gulf side. At first sight of the old beachfront resort we feel like we're home. We've stayed at the same place, in the same room for about 30 years. Better yet, 23 rooms out of 30 at the resort are filled with families just like us. We've all spent the same weeks of the summer there all these years. We got to know each other when we had little children and now those children are mostly married and have children of their own. Most of them come for the same weeks too. So it's old home to us.

My husband and I walked and walked on the beach morning to night, enjoying the sounds, birds, playing children, and of course the shells. We stopped at surfs edge one evening and I snapped this pic of the feet (that are looking older every day!) which have been side by side for 38 years!

We've always wanted to live on the beach. We walk miles each day looking at the homes along the beach, dreaming about buying one. This year we looked at one. I fell in love with it. This is the pool and you can see the ocean in front of those lawn chairs. I don't think it's going to happen, but a girl can dream can't she?!

There really is nothing like a sunset at the beach. We enjoyed a generous number of perfect sunsets this year. Here are a few...

Well, now that we're home from our long awaited annual trip to Florida I have to find something to keep spirits up. Hmmm...the hall needs painting, I really want to take the wallpaper off the bedroom walls, the kitchen could use a little spiffing up. Something tells me I'll manage to stay busy and happy until next June and time to visit our beloved beach again!


ceekay said...

Love the feet picture. Glad you are back!

jen said...

I love the foot picture!

Cookie Sunshine said...

This was a PERFECT Show and Tell. I'm glad that you chose to share your trip. I also love the picture of your feet. How special!