Jul 28, 2008

Summer Memories

I thought you all might enjoy seeing a little bit of the sweet little town we live in!

Here's our little theater. It's a fun place to see movies. The charge is $3.00 now, up from $1.00! Inflation hits small town landmarks too!

This huge old house is gorgeous, even in it's state of disrepair. I think it would be a fabulous bed and breakfast. It's right off the park and it would be a sure money maker. People come from all over the state to visit our town and the various festivals that are held here, such as Fall Festival, and Ice Sculpture Spectacular, Art In the Park, Chili Cook Off, and Farmers Market. If I had a few million dollars to buy and renovate that lovely old house there would be a new bed and breakfast for all those visitors to stay in!

Every Friday evening from June through August many in our town fill up the park for "Music In the Park". Hundreds of people, young and old, fill the park with blankets, lawn chairs, dogs, and boxed dinners. A different live band plays music from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. each Friday. These special evenings provide an opportunity for families, neighbors, and friends to get together for a wholesome evening of music and fun. Over the years we have created some wonderful memories with our family and treasured friends.

The fountain in the park is just lovely. We've seen weddings by the fountain several times over the years. It's a long time gathering spot for all of us who live in and love our little town.

And finally, even the tiniest in the crowd enjoy those memorable small town evenings! Isabelle loved her first ear of home grown corn - grilled right there in the park and smeared with garlic butter no less!!

May each of you make memories this summer to cherish for a lifetime!


Alex said...

Good morning, Kathy. Thank you for all of your visits to my site to check on me and wish me well. Thank you also for your prayers and support. My family and I appreciate it.

Joy said...

Aww what a cute baby! Love that photo. Music in the park sounds relaxing to me and that fountain is really nice.

Needled Mom said...

I loved the visit to your town, Kathy. It is just charming. We, too, have the concerts in the park during the summer. You are allowed to bring your chairs up to three days in advance and it is hysterical to see the empty park with all the chairs set up. But the concerts and picnics are just wonderful.

Looking at your painted kitchen photos, I think you NEED that old house. You could make it such an incredible B&B. Wow! It would be gorgeous.

Wish our movies were only $3. We pay $6 for the matinees, $4.50 for a small popcorn and $5.50 for a small drink. :(

Cami said...

I live in a small town too. SO happy about that. Love yours too. And that babe w/ the ear of corn. Awwww!

Charlotte said...

This looks like such a delightful place to live. I remember when movies were only 50 cents. I think they are about $6.00 here now and that's for seniors. Of course we didn't have much money back when they were 50 cents. Anyone under 12 could get in for 10 cents.I went to a lot of movies for that price.

Technonana said...

Kathy... excellent post!!! My son lives in a very small town near Charleston, he just loves it!!! I just wish he had someone to share his life with!!

Mya said...

Your blog looks wonderful. What a great festival. The baby is adorable.

Tracy said...

Such fun--thanks for sharing your town, Kathy! $3.00...that is sooo good a price. It cost about $10 per person to see a movie over here! Oh, I could just kiss that baby's sweet apple cheeks! Happy week ((HUGS))

Alex said...

Hi Kathy.
I hope you have a good day. :)

Pink Slippers said...

Good morning! Summer is really a beautiful time that we all should make the most of it..MEMORIES. Thanks for the pictures of your cute town. Hugs.

celestina marie said...

Hi Kathy, wow your town is surely a destination spot. I love the old victorian home too. Music in the park is so much fun.
I love the blog background you chose.
Blessings, Celestina
la rea rose

La Tea Dah said...

Such a lovely post --- and a wonderful home town. I wish I could stop by for a day or two, to enjoy the sights and absorb the atmosphere. Thank you, Kathy, for dropping by Gracious Hospitality and logging in for our blog-hop. I enjoyed my visit here (as I always do).


Betty said...

Fantastic! This is so representative of our America......what a precious little girl.....Betty

jamie in rose cottage said...

Looks like a lovely place to visit! Thanks for the tour.

rosechicfriends said...

HI Kathy...OH MY Goodness...I recognize those pictures...cause I live very close by. I have many of my handpainted items in a sweet little shop called Lynn's Corner Shoppe...ever go there? Love the Penn too!

My hubby and I often wonder what it would be like to live in one of the newer downtown condos cause we love that town so much!

I need your address for the Pay-it-forward...my email is chicfriends@wowway.com.

Thanks for joining me!