Dec 1, 2009

Come On Girls, Laugh Out Loud!

It's here again already! Thanksgiving is behind us and the Christmas rush is in full swing.  In spite of the fact that this season is the "season of joy", it can also be stressful with shopping, cleaning, entertaining, wrapping, decorating, family, etc..  Every once in a while you get a piece of email that just makes you laugh.  And who doesn't need a good hard belly laugh once in a while?  I got this one last year and it just cracked me up.  I hope it provides you a few minutes of stress relieving laughter too!

Christmas Is Tight This Year
(everyone loves a homemade gift)

My Dear Friends,
Somewhat embarrassing to admit, Christmas is tight this year and I will be making bedroom slippers for you all as gifts. Please let me know your sizes. You'll most likely agree that it's a splendid idea, and should you wish to do the same, I've included the instructions below.

How to make bedroom slippers out of maxi pads:

You need four maxi pads to make a pair.

Two of them get laid out flat, for the foot part.

The other two wrap around the toe area to form the top.

Tape or glue each side of the top pieces to the bottom of the foot part.

Decorate the tops with whatever you desire, silk flowers (this is most aesthetically appealing), etc.

These nifty slippers are:

* Soft and Hygienic

* Non-slip grip strips on the soles

* Built in deodorant feature keeps feet smelling fresh

* No more bending over to mop up spills

* Disposable and biodegradable

* Environmentally safe

* Three convenient sizes: (1.) Regular, (2.) Light and (3.) Get out the Sand Bags.

I've attached a photo of the first pair I made so that you can see the nifty slippers for yourself....

I'm awaiting your's crucial that I get the right size for each one of you!

Oh come on! Laugh out loud with me - you know this is just funny!


Melissa said...

I DID laugh out loud! How funny is that!!!! I'm going to try to make a pair of each of my girls!!! Thanks for sharing, loved it!

Kat said...

Can't wait to show mine off. LOL I'll take regular please.

You, my friend, are a "hoot".


Linda C said...

I am lol!!:) What's funny is...they do look comfy!!

Great post, Kathy! Thanks for the giggles:)

Linda C

grey like snuffie said...

BIZARRE that someone had this thought....just what every husband would want to look

southerninspiration said...

Hahahaha.....I'm a petite tiny little size 5 foot....NOT!!! :) you are so funny!


ceekay said...

That is funny Kat...I have tried to forget what those awful items are....Thank the Lord they are gone from this house!!!
Love you

Heather said...

OMG! that is too funny!

Technonana said...

I knew there had to be another use for those things!! Specially now that I have no other use for them!!! LOL!

Heidi said...

Okay, Kathy, that is weird and strangely funny. And a bit(as my 13 year old might say)gross!!
Your last few posts made me laugh, thanks for that!
I'm passing on an award for your blog, hope you'll stop by and accept it -- cause your's is really "over the top"!
Heidi - Heart and Home

mary from michigan said...

I did laugh out loud! i have a sister in law who is notorious for giving ahem: shall we say odd(?) Christmas gifts. Wonder if a pair of these handy dandy gifts are in my future?