Mar 26, 2008

Hope of Things To Come!

My husband and I went to my parents home in Tennessee for Easter, where Spring is in it's full glory! The week we spent in the place I was born was sweet reprieve from the cold, snowy weather we still have in Michigan. In fact, our home town was blanketed with eight more inches of fresh snow while we were away. My little granddaughters wore snowsuits to church on Easter Sunday along with their pretty little sleeveless dresses and Easter bonnets! For those of you who also suffer from warm weather deprivation, I am including some Spring photographs taken at my parents home - a hope of things to come in our own home towns!


ceekay said...

Those pansies look huge!

Pam said...

What lovely pictures.
I hope you enjoyed your time in Tennessee!
I just found your blog this evening; I hope to visit again soon!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Wow, Mimi- that looks like several places I know around here... I live in Andersonville, so it kind of looks like Powell Valley or Clinch Mountain going up to Rutledge. I'm glad you can still come back "home" to East Tennessee. And I'm so glad you stopped by my place, too! I love your blog- you have so many pretty pictures!