Mar 30, 2008

An Inspiring Blog To Look Into

A Mom's Life: Announcing...Miracle Monday

I happened upon a wonderful blog page. A Mom's Life is the blog of a young woman and mother named Beth who happens to have multiple sclerosis. She is hosting interesting and inspiring Monday blog sessions about miracles in the lives of bloggers. She characterizes a miracle simply as something that happens that has to be an act of God. She invites anyone who wishes to write about a miracle they have experienced or are aware of in someone elses life, linking back to her site. She has a Mr Linky on her posting. It sounds like interesting and inspiring reading to me. I thought some of you might enjoy checking out A Mom's Life and her ongoing project Miracle Monday's.

1 comment:

Beth said...

Thank you so much for highlighting Miracle Monday!

I have just redesigned my blog and in the process the previous Mr. Linky links to all the miracles have been deleted! I am working with Mr. Linky to see if they can be recovered! I sure hope so, but if not, there will always be new miracles tomorrow!