Nov 15, 2008

Thankful Day 15 - Home Sweet Home

Joyce, Brookside Cottage, is host of 30 Days of Giving Thanks.
My house - I adore it. It's not very large by modern standards, it's 36 years old, and it is jam packed - but it represents US. We had our home built when we were married a year and a half - we were just kids. We moved in on December 22 and we did not have a stick of furniture - just a Christmas tree and a mattress on the floor. But we thought we had a castle. We've brought two babies home to our little house and now two little granddaughters have brought more joy and laughter to us and to it than we ever dreamed possible. During these days of difficult times in our country ANY home is a gift, but our home is a blessing which brings us much joy, because it is filled with love and joyous memories. I am so thankful for it!


Technonana said...

Thanks for stopping by and offering words of encouragement!! We so covet your prayers... we WILL get through this!!!
In Him,

Alex said...

I have so much to be thankful for, too. Although I've been through a heck of alot, I have been blessed.

Sue said...

I posted this evening that I'm thankful for my home, (and a few other things) too. We've only lived here, in the house DH grew up in for 10 years.

I liked what you said about being thankful for your daughter, too. She was a beautiful bride!