Nov 2, 2008


How often we overlook the numberless things and people in our lives in which we might count as blessings, to hold on to when life gets difficult, to be truly thankful for. Nanette at A Tale of Magical Memories is hosting a thankful giveaway. The challenge is to list 6-10 things we are thankful for. That's easy! After you post (including her cute button above), you e-mail her at to let her know you want to participate.

Joyce, at Brookside Cottage is hosting "30 Days of Giving Thanks". I'd like to use #2 in the list below for my Day 2 entry.

I had actually been thinking about this as Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away and the holiday season begins. So, I decided to participate in Nanette's and Joyce's challenges.

1. My husband is a good husband by any one's standards, but he is often called to go above and beyond the call of duty! He faithfully drives me to my infusions every three weeks and refuses to leave me, even though I am in a hospital surrounded by doctors and nurses. He drives me home, puts me to bed, and waits on me hand and foot until I am on my feet again. What a guy! I'm incredibly thankful for my devoted husband of 38 years.

2. My house - I adore it. It's not very large by modern standards, it's 36 years old, and it is jam packed - but it represents US. We had our home built when we were married a year and a half - we were just kids. We moved in on December 22 and we did not have a stick of furniture - just a Christmas tree and a mattress on the floor. But we thought we had a castle. We've brought two babies home to our little house and now two little granddaughters have brought more joy and laughter to us and to it than we ever dreamed possible. During these days of difficult times in our country ANY home is a gift, but our home is a blessing which brings us much joy, because it is filled with love and joyous memories.

3. I have always known I was born to be a grandmother. I waited a long time to become a mother and I adored having children still at home. But my grand babies - oh, my goodness, I can't think of much I could be MORE grateful or thankful for! Two beautiful, healthy baby girls...blessings incomparable!

4. Mothers always want what is best for their children, what will make their babes happy. I prayed from before I first held my sweet girl and boy in my arms for their future spouses. I prayed they would find a match with whom they would share a lifetime of love, contentment, children, happiness, and Spiritual growth. Both of my babies have found loves with whom I believe with all my heart they will share a lifetime of happiness with - the things I asked God for in my heartfelt prayers. Our son-in-law is a wonderful man of God, father to our grandchildren, husband to our daughter. Our future daughter-in-law is beautiful in every way. She loves our son and makes him a better man. She is kind and giving. She is nurturing and I believe she will be a loving mother. Let's face it, we all think our children are pretty special - that's easy. But I am incredibly thankful that I can rest well in the knowledge that the hearts of my children are held by trustworthy people who love them as much as I do!

5. Memories - what would life be after all, if we could not live again the joys of yesterday? A wedding day, childbirth, a first home, sun bathing hand in hand, noisy road trips, Christmases, baking cookies, a daughter bride, precious newborn midnight feedings, family private jokes...etc, etc, etc! I'm so thankful for the memories of my marriage, my children, grandchildren, and friendships!

6. I am so thankful for a church that teaches from the Word of God, not the word of man! We have attended churches over the years where clothing or hair or income make up the worth of a human being. Many people and many churches are tied up in appearances and man made rules. At this point in our lives, my husband and I are not interested in wasting time with that sort of nonsense. Life is short. We want to worship our God. We want to sit under a pastor who will accurately teach from the Bible and where true worship happens! How thankful I am that we have found such a place.

7. I have had lots of casual friends in my life and many acquaintances. But I've had a few very true blue friends. I'm so thankful for Anne, Linda, Carolyn, and especially my sister-in-law and dearest friend in the world, Jeri.

8. I don't live close to the beach and I don't get there more than twice a year, but I find more peace and joy at the beach than any place else I can think of, other than my own little home. When I am blessed enough to walk on the sand in and out of the surf, I find myself in an almost constant state of worship. The sea itself, so incredibly representative of God's creation! The surf and the moon, in a waltz to keep the globe afloat! It's very sound, music directly from God it seems to me! A natural Eco balance only God could have created. The sand - how many billions of billions of grains of sand are there? Sea birds - natural fishers, graceful in their beauty. The mindless pleasure of selecting shells to cherish all year long. The beach is a source of great joy and thankfulness in my life.

9. Ok, I have to say it. I'm thankful for sugar!

10. My God - even though He is the most important thing in my life, I have curiously listed Him last. I think, because none of the above would be even remotely possible without faith in God and His unending love for me. I cannot express my thankfulness for the Savior!


grey like snuffie said...

I LOVE THANKFUL POSTS. I am SO looking forward to grandkid days.

Kelly said...

Sounds like you are very blessed. Thanks for sharing

Joyce said...

Oh dear Kathy.... I am honored that you found the "thankful posts" a good idea and want to participate.... and I am thankful to have found your lovely, touching blog... thankful for you today, my new friend! :-)

Tammy said...

What a wonderful idea...and love the button, too...

It was nice to read the things you're thankful for!


Pink Slippers said...

YOU ARE BLESSED! Sometimes it'a hard to see it or remember but after reaing your list some ladies will never even have one of them. Happy Thnakfulness to you!

JanMary said...

Wonderful list of things to be thankful for.

Thanks :)