Dec 16, 2008

A Very Vintage Christmas Swap

Heidi, Foxgloves, Fabric, and Folly, was the hostess and organizer of A Very Vintage Christmas Swap. She matched all of us who wished to participate in the gift exchange in November and our packages were to be sent to our partner in early December.

I was blessed to meet a new friend during the swap. My swap partner, Mary, "The Merry Mermaid" of Seashore Days is a really nice woman with a beautiful blog. Mary posts about her family, her beautifully decorated home in California, entertaining, and her passion - acting in community theater. I had never visited Seashore Days before the Vintage Christmas swap and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Mary this month. Be sure to stop by Seashore Days soon and get to know the Merry Mermaid!

Mary sent me the loveliest package! The time and care she placed in the choosing of gifts was evident.

The box was this darling vintage inspired Santa "art".

This is what I found when I opened the package...sweet little packages carefully wrapped with a card on top to greet me!

Look at all the lovely little things for me to explore and check out the cute flip flop card!

The first item I opened was this adorable fluffy pink feathered bird! Isn't it just precious?

I had to stop to immediately deliver this bit of fluff to the place I knew she had to live - right under my white feather tree in my guest room. Doesn't she look sweet on that lavender silk?

Next out of the box was this darling vintage Santa cup. I remember these cups from my childhood - mother had an entire set. How did you know, Mary? There was an extra little surprise inside the cup - a scrolled stamp with a sweet little bird.

Honest, Mary and I have never met, but if you know me at all you know there is little I love more than the beach and seashells! Is this glittered shell ornament gorgeous or what???

A precious little blue and white angel holding a cup for a small candle - so sweet.

A handcrafted English cup with red poinsettias painted on - how lovely!

Even a sweet little pack of personalized tissues for my purse! Mary, you thought of everything!!

Finally, the last gift in this wonderful package from Mary - this gorgeous glittered and jeweled snowflake. I knew immediately where this beauty had to be displayed - on my pink feather tree...perfect!

As you can see I had a wonderful Very Vintage Christmas Swap experience. Thank you Mary, for your fabulous gift package! And thank you, Heidi, for all your work in organizing the swap.


Heather said...

oooh very nice! i love it all. my favorite it the tea cup and the flip flop card!

mmama said...

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mmama said...

Mimi gratulesen beautiful blog

ceekay said...

Oh Kathy, your little swap package is adorable. I know you loved your seashell ornies.

Pink Slippers said...

The star...the tree.....PRECIOUS!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Kathy Mimi, What a fun swap. And I agree with you....anything to do with the sea and ocean is extra special just like your flip flop card and seashell ornaments. Enjoy the season and Merry Merry. See you soon. xo Lynn