Aug 22, 2009

Mimi and Papa Score Again!

Well, girls, Kathy and Sandy (aka Mimi and Papa) had an exciting week. We made some unexpected travel plans that we are just beside ourselves about! Before we had grandchildren Sandy and I decided we wanted to begin a tradition with the first grandchild and continue it with all to follow. We want to take each grandchild by themselves someplace special during the last year before they begin school. Our very first grandchild, Sydney, turned 5 in March and she will be a big girl kindergarten student on September 8th. We have been wracking our brains for months about where we could take Sydney for her special big girl trip. If you want to hike in a forest, climb a sand dune, sit in a deer blind, or swim in an ice cold lake - well, my friends, Michigan is your state. Since we didn't think any of those ideas were great options for a 5 year old girl, we had to think outside the box. But unfortunately, you can't get too far outside the box without spending a lot of money! What to do, what to do! Sandy and I decided we better get busy and make a decision since we only have two weeks before school starts. Cedar Point is in Ohio and is kind of a favorite for Michiganders so we checked out the rates for their hotel. $240 a night - for OHIO!!! Well, nothing against Ohio, but it seemed to us that those rates were a bit steep for a hotel unless drinks were going to be delivered to us as we languished on a white sand beach staring at a turquoise sea! I decided to check Spirit Airlines one last time to see if we had a chance at taking our girl to a place SHE would truly think exciting.

Oh. My. Goodness.

$54.00 to Orlando!!!

We had our little credit card out so fast you would have thought Zorro was signing out! So as it turns out, Mimi and Papa score once again! We will be taking our girl on her Big Girl Trip to see her man Mickey. Disney World is one of our favorite places on earth so Sandy and I are just so excited we can't stand it. We'll have one day to travel to Orlando and shop at Down Town Disney, which is a shopping mall owned by Disney right across from the park. It's lots of fun and we never leave without a stuffed animal or two for our girls. Then we'll have three days at the parks - 2 1/2 days at the Magic Kingdom and half a day at EPCOT. Then we will spend most of the last day swimming and resting and checking out our hotel, Disney's Music. That evening we have tickets for the first day of the Magic Kingdom's "Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party". The kids dress up and trick or treat as they go into rides. There's special music and fireworks. We'll close the park down at midnight, then crash for a final night and fly home the next morning. Just 5 days, but a big memory in the making. CeeKay, your going to have to MAKE me create a scrapbook for Sydney (you know I won't do it if you don't keep nudging me). Sydney does not know about her trip yet. Her Mom and Dad are graciously waiting for us to be able to tell her. I had a bit of a bug this week so we will get to tell her tomorrow. Can't wait! You may be thinking that Disney World is not a very affordable place even with a $54 flight. Yup, you'd be right. Disney's ticket prices are really outrageous and unfortunately out prices a lot of families. But, YEA! We already have tickets! They're old ones, but Disney tickets are never outdated. And since we are staying at a Disney hotel they are picking us up at the airport and delivering us back at the end of our trip free of charge so we don't need to rent a car. We'll just ride the Disney transportation around the park for shopping and eating. Sandy got a great discount rate for the hotel too, since we're going at a time most of the country is already in school. So you see, it really will be a fairly affordable trip. Score!

I hope all of you had something exciting happen to you this week too!


Julie said...

This sounds like a great trip...I am a new Mimi, my little girl is only 9 months. I have four daughters so I hope there will be more.. I am loving all things Mimi... Please stop over some time... I joined your blog today. Happy Mimi'ing... Julie

Heather said...

how wonderful! i can't wait to hear all about it and see lots of pictures! my parents want to take Ella next year when she's 6. they have a grandparents weekend or something at Disney? but they want us to go too, lol.

Blondie's Journal said...

You scored a great deal, Kathy! Those girls are going to be out of their minds seeing Mr. M!! And I think it is such a wonderful and generous idea to take each grandchild somewhere special like this. You are both lovely grandparents!! :-)


A Hint of Home said...

How exciting for all three of you.
She will love the trip and her time with the two of you.
Enjoy, enjoy and have a safe trip!

Hua said...

Hey Kathy!
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