Aug 27, 2009

No News Like Paper News

Hello Blog Friends!

I hope you are all had a wonderful day and are looking forward to fun weekend plans. We had dinner out with some wonderful friends tonight and we definitely won't miss the very last concert in the park of the season on Friday night. We will be spending the rest of our weekend doing the mundane chores of life - lawn work, cleaning bathrooms, floor washing, dusting. But then we also have the fun job of packing for our trip on Tuesday to Disney World with our granddaughter! That's definitely not a mundane chore. It's going to be a short trip so we're not even checking bags.

I'm a true creature of habit. And I have always LOVED reading a good newspaper. Sadly, our major newspapers have all gone under, victims of the economy. We only get local news from the Internet Edition of a combined Detroit Free Press and Detroit News. These two papers used to be two separate power houses of the Detroit Metro area. First they combined forces, trying to save themselves. Now neither of them print a daily newspaper. I think it's terribly sad that kids will grow up without learning the pleasure of sitting down with an actual, physical, newsPAPER to hold in their hands to read from cover to cover. Our youngest generation will never know what it's like to wait for a bowl of popcorn or hot chocolate or a cup of soup - because they can have it heated and in front of them in 2 minutes. They won't learn how to tell time on those great old classroom clocks because the digital numbers flip in front of their little faces. Tie shoes? Not so much since most children's shoes close with Velcro. Knobs are pretty much unimportant since digital push buttons or remote controls take care of the job easy as can be. I know all these things are great time savers. My daughter thinks Velcro shoes for her girls are the greatest invention since sliced bread because it saves her a lot of time when they can put their own shoes on. I get that. I enjoy them as much as anybody, but would it hurt a kid to get up to turn the TV? And do we have to let all the good old traditions fall to the wayside? Come on, no newspaper? No COUPONS? Now I know the world is going to dickens in a hand basket!

Now that I have that little rant off my chest, I want to show you something that is in our online newspaper. It's a picture I took of our granddaughter when she was about two. Click on the link below and scroll down to see the picture entitled Garden Girl. That's my picture.

Have a beautiful weekend, girls!


grey like snuffie said...

It is a new world...something I'm embracing and others make me sad. We are in such a hurry and "do it fast" seems to be the rule too often. My doctor brother says our state of mind affects our physical body so much...I wonder if we're loosing the ability to rest, to go slow, to enjoy, to be at peace. hmmmm
Kathy that picture is adorable! Great capture!

ceekay said...

If my hubby loses his Sunday paper and his coupons.....he is going to be grouchy! Not good.

southerninspiration said...

I could join you on your rant, Kathy......things, they have changed, right???? And what a darling little picture--and a nice award!

Hope you have a blast on your trip!!!

dana said...

I'm ranting right along with you, Kathy! Our KC STAR is still in print, but they reduced the deliveries to once a day vs. twice a day. Then they started cutting out sections. Our paper is just a shadow of what it used to be. I don't know how long they will be able to hold on. I don't read it cuz it's way tooo liberal for my liking, but my hubs reads it up, down and sideways (fussing the entire time about the articles) :)
I just check the ads.
You are also correct about the other issues you addressed. Our grands will miss out on a lot.

Speaking of grands....your little one is just a doll in that photo you took!!

Have fun on your trip!!! L, Dana