Apr 2, 2009

Help! I'm Lost!

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I know that many of you lovely blogging ladies are fashion queens! Well, I am in need of a confidence boost concerning the outfits I will be wearing to my son's rehearsal dinner and wedding in June.

Remember a few weeks ago, I showed you this dress for the wedding? I've been looking for shoes ever since. I intended to buy a strappy beaded shoe, but I found these fabric heels today (they look leather in the pic, but they're fabric). They're a little plainer than I wanted but they do match the color of the dress and I think I can wear them for the number of hours necessary without hobbling too badly by the end of the evening! Ok, girls...I need expert opinions! Do you think the shoes are dressy enough? I have a small beaded fabric bag to carry in the same color.

Now...this is the dress I will be wearing to the rehearsal dinner. It will be in a private room at a very nice Italian restaurant we all love. The kids are going to Italy for their honeymoon...you know, it's a theme! I love it...but do you think it's too dressy? It's length is just below the knee.

The shoes I found to go with this dress are very similar to the beige shoes - they're fabric and have a satin bow, which actually looks just like the dress.

Opinions, please!


BECKY said...

I think it's all lovely! The light shoes are fancy enough and the black dress isn't too dressy. Have fun with it!! Do whatever you want!! Be comfortable...you'll look beautiful!!

hugs 'n joy

justabeachkat said...

I love both dresses. Very pretty! You know I'll be shopping for some for our daughter's wedding next year. I really love the black shoes. I'm not sure about the beige ones. It's hard to tell from the photo, but they look a little too casual...to me. (sorry, that's just my opinion)

I know you must be getting so excited. Remember just breath...that's what someone advised for me to do and I'm just getting started. LOL


ceekay said...

Hmmmm, sounds like a stress attack. I think it all looks wonderful. Breathe! You will be beautiful!

Melissa said...

I think you've done a wonderful job of picking out your dresses and shoes. Truly, I'm not just saying that. I would love to see them on you...so take pictures!

My Patrick is getting married in October and I'll soon be on the hunt myself. I think I want a dress for the wedding close to the same color you chose.

Janet said...

Oh how very special and NO - the black dress is not too dressy at all!

Smilingsal said...

The best advice I can offer you is ASK THE BRIDE. No matter what anyone else thinks, her opinion matters the most. Happy Day.

Here’s mine:

Hootin' Anni said...

By your avatar profile photo I'd go with the lighter colored dress. Well, actually coming back to time of day the dinner takes place....if it's quite late like, after 8pm...then, I'd go with the black.

Either one is very pretty, but I like the pastel best. LOL

My Show n Tell is some of my treasured roses and amaryllis this week. Come by and enjoy the sweet fragrance and beauty.

Happy Friday.

Debra said...

I don't think the dress and shoes are too dressy for the rehearsal dinner at all! You will look lovely. Good choice and I hope you will show us some pics....you know how it is with us girls....we always love a fashion show!

grey like snuffie said...

I think you'll be beautiful in all of it. It is hard to tell about the beige shoes...but the style looks so good for that dress...besides all the ladies will bounce back quickly to your beautiful face after they do the quick scan of your attire. You will be beaming with such joy.
Although I must tell you that even those shoes that you think you can tolerate for several hours would do me in...I'm hoping for a miracle someday with our girls weddings....I HATE heels anymore. Can the mother of the bride start a new trend...."EVERYBODY TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES AND LET'S ALL BE HAPPY"! :o) hmmm, maybe not.

Simply Heart And Home said...

Your shoes match the dresses perfectly. I'm sure either outfit will be splendid.



Heather said...

oh i think both dresses and pairs of shoes are great. i think the ones that match the first dress are perfect! you don't really want super fancy or sparkly footwear to take away from you looking beautiful in your dress! the dress is so pretty it doesn't need extras! in my opinion of course!

A Hint of Home said...

I think you will be stunning in both outfits. The shoes are perfect for both dresses.
I remember those days. They can be stressful--try to enjoy every minute so you can reflect back on the memories.

Julie said...

I love the dresses and the shoes are perfect for each dress. I think you need some Fab jewels to go with each dress. That would be the icing on the cake..Something with a little SPARKLE...but not too much! Have a great Friday...Julie

Susan said...

I think both pair of shoes are perfect matches to the dresses.

Jadehollow said...

Kathy .. I think both choices are perfect .. The light shoes are just right for a June wedding .. and the black is elegant but not over the top.

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Don't stress! They're all wonderful and I know you'll have a wonderful time. You're going to look so lovely.

Anonymous said...

Personally? I like the black. And I would put some sparkly jewelry with it, if it's for the evening. Any color stone; that's the nice thing about black. I love the 1928 jewelry myself.
Are you going to put your hair up?

La Tea Dah said...

Everything is beautiful! I love the shoes --- simply add a beautiful pedicure with some surprising elements (a diamond butterfly on your big toe --- or a double heart?). The beige ones aren't too casual if you add special elements (an ankle bracelet?). You will look fantastic!!!!

Congrats to the happy couple!


Mrs. Miles said...

Visiting you via Kelli's Show and Tell blog train!

you GO girl! Very very lovely!

thanks for allowing us our opinion.

Jackie said...

I love both outfits. You are doing great. Now don't forget to get pictures to share of you in them! Blessings, Jax in Alaska

P.S. Come on over to my blog for more Show & Tell

lady m's lavender cottage said...

Both dresses are quite pretty. and so are the shoes.

Weddings are such a stress giver, aren't they? Remember to relax...and enjoy the evening.

You will look lovely :)


Lady M

Susan B said...

Both dresses are beautiful, and the shoes are lovely! Congratulations to the happy couple!! My oldest daughter just got married the end of December, so I can relate to what you are going through! Have a lovely weekend.

Victoria @ Auction Girl Vintage said...

Both pairs of shoes are perfect, and the dresses are lovely. We women worry far too much about how our shoes measure up to current fashion and someone elses' opinion. Truth is, even when YOU were the bride, no one was looking at your feet :o) And think of all the weddings you've been to where most of the women are shoeless long before the cake is cut.

By the time it's over, your smiling muscles will be much sorer than your feet, and you will have forgotten all about your shoes, including where you left them ...

30 Days of Junkin' in April

Susie Homemaker said...

I have always been told when the shoe is simple and matches as well as yours do that it creates a longer line and slims the legs...I am all for anything that slims the legs...both of your dresses are beautiful...you will be lovely!