Apr 7, 2008

Home Is Where the Heart Is!

Unfortunately, I don't have any tea stitchery items for display in this weeks Hospital-i-Tea challenge so I decided to show you all some of my home for my Monday posting. On another occasion I'll share pictures of my bathrooms, work room, and bedrooms.

This is our living room. The blue chair in the far right has a matching mate, sitting just outside the picture. They belonged to my grandmother. I clearly remember when she bought them (as antiques) when I was a little girl. I have been told they are quite old.

This is another angle of the living room. The sofa is the first piece of furniture we purchased when we bought the house 36 years ago - it still looks pretty good too! The white wood and glass terrarium under the glass coffee table was used at our daughters wedding to hold cards. The oval table bottom shelf holds some of my snow globes and two cloisonne vases that we purchased in Russia. You can see a large mirror peeking out from behind the white sofa. It came from the beautiful old house I grew up in and my parents gave it to me a couple of years ago! I can't find a place to hang it but I can't give it up either!

This is our family room. It's casual and I have used all whites and shades of rose. Over the chairs I have hung an old table top which I painted crimson, then with roses.

Another angle of the family room.

This is on the family room coffee table in the picture above.

The family room mantle is decorated with some of the shells I have collected at every beach I have ever been to. The two lamps at the ends are old. My husband bought them for me at a local antique store.

30 Days 30 Photos - Day 7

This little bird and nest is on the front door summer wreath.

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