Apr 5, 2008

Oh, Joy!

30 Days 30 Photos - Day 5

Oh joy, my time is here - almost. Admittedly, I may be rushing it a little. Well, I don't care. I've decided! It's time for seas shells to come out of their wintertime boxes, it's time to bring out my favorite front door wreath with the sweet little bird and nest snuggled among pink roses, it's time for shell studded candles and blue sea shell serving dishes. It's time for a scrubbed clean deck, a brand new patio umbrella, and my favorite glider for grandbaby girls and me! Oh, the joy of it all! Finally - sunshine and green leaves and the sweet smell of newly cut grass, though I won't be cutting it. I said I like to smell it, not cut it. Tulips, daffodils, roses, and peonies! Joy, joy, joy! I am a summer girl. I literally need summer. Clearly, I live in the wrong state - Michigan, where there are 75 sunny days a year. I'm gonna find summer. It might be by going to a Florida beach or it might be by looking at my sea shells until I memorize them all over again, or I might even be forced to dream it up. But one way or another I'll be having summer - and soon! Oh, joy!

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