Oct 13, 2008

Music Is the Best Medicine!

Sweet Sarah, at Everyday Elegance, is hosting 'Favorite Things Monday'!Participants post about a favorite uplifting thing.

My post today is about my favorite music. I find music of all kinds to be both a source of encouragement and just plain mood lifting. How can you stay low when you hear a great song like "Just As I Am" sung by David Phelps, a comforting, encouraging song like "I Call Him Love & Mercy" by Kathy Troccoli, or even sit still when listening to "I'm Gonna Move" by the Isaac's?! Can you not sing along with songs of our youth like the Beatles "She Loves You", "Under the Boardwalk" by the Drifters, or "My Boyfriend's Back" by the Angels?

If I am feeling a little blue or too worried to sleep, I usually choose David Phelps CD "Revelation". I love every single song on the CD. I often listen to the entire CD when I go to bed, but sometimes I select 'repeat' and listen to one song like, "God Will Take Care of You" or the acoustic version of "Virtuoso" over and over until I fall asleep. David Phelps writes most of his own music and seems to have a true understanding of a heavy spirit. Another choice on a difficult night would be about a two hour repeat of Nicole C. Mullen's incredible song "Redeemer". If ever there were a song to lift you up, "Redeemer" would be it!

When I am simply struggling with insomnia, (which I admit is all the time) I often listen to my CD's of recorded ocean waves or rain and thunder. However, I find that the CD's which include sounds of animals or birds DO NOT help me to go to sleep! Just about the time I finally drift off a loon screeches or a whale moans! No thank you, not sleep inducing at all!
When I am under the weather and not feeling like going out, I often choose music over uninteresting TV. There is only so much daytime TV a person can stand! I listen to Norah Jones' CD "Come Away With Me", "The Best of Nat King Cole", "The Beatles 1962-1966", Vince Gill's "Next Big Thing", Rod Stewart's "Unplugged", Point of Grace's "Steady On", Robert Michaels' "Paradiso" (Latin guitar), and a variety of David Phelps, The Isaac's, Gaither Quartet, Celine Dion, Yanni, Josh Groban, and oldie's but goodies type music from the '50's, '60's, and '70's. Believe it or not, right about now I usually begin listening to Christmas music. Much to the dismay of the average listener, 100.3 FM Detroit plays all Christmas 24 hours a day, usually beginning in October through midnight Christmas Day. I'm in my glory! My family gave up long ago trying to get me to wait until December, or at least Thanksgiving!
So that's it for my Monday post about one of my favorite things when I need a lift. What do you do when you need a little relief from life's stresses? To see more 'Favorite Things' posts go to Everyday Elegance.

Have a perfect week, everyone!


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I love music too; I love how it can transport you back to another place and time.....
I also LOVE Christmas music. I have been playing it when no one's around (it's too early for my guys). I also have it playing on my new Christmas blog, of course!
Stop by when you get a chance:

Sarah C. said...

Hi! Thanks for the fantastic post about your favorite thing! I love your Christmas countdown! Christmas is one of my favorite times of year, and soon the carols will begin to play.....I have to go get one of those countdowns for my webpage!

Joy said...

I agree medicine does help to calm me and make me feel better too. I have not tried those ocean waves but I can see why you like them. So soothing..

Pink Slippers said...

I think music is VERY powerful. I love it when I have forgotten about a certain song and then hear it. it's so fun!

Technonana said...

I believe God placed music in our souls... maybe He listened to music as He listened to music as He created the heavens and the earth. After all the Bible says that the stars sing!!!

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Sweet Kathy!

Music can change a mood in seconds! Country singer Josh Turner gets me going and of course the 60's! Sorry you are not sleeping well...know what ya mean tho!

Have you ever tried Excedrin PM? Sometimes I only need 1/2 tablet to just get me to a sleepy state!

Oh My Goodness, we have some things in common. My ALL TIME favorite movie is Meet Me in St. Louis! I could watch it over and over and do often! You've Got Mail and Father of the Bride are also my favorites!!!! I always love all the Little Women movies!

Have a nice evening and I hope you sleep well tonight!


Kelli said...

I enjoyed hearing about your favorite music! I have my favorites too that I listen to at certain times. Right now the Eagles newest CD is in my kitchen player. :0)

Anonymous said...

Music is really lovely isn't it....depending on your mood there are music selections...or depending on the music there are mood swings.

I did giggle a little thinking about you drifting off to sleep only to come across whale sounds...or loons...

Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

You certainly ARE an avid music lover--and what a terrific variety, too! I know what you mean about the little animal sounds and how they keep you from falling asleep. I am also a Josh Groban fan. My favorite music---well, I too, love to play Christmas music and our local stations should also be starting here, too! I also love most Broadway Show Tunes and classical. Music is such a gift--a gift that soothes our soul. Great post!!!! Dana

Jewelgirl said...

Music is a wonderful mood changer,
and you can enjoy it every day.
Great post, thank you for reminding
me to get out the Christmas music,
I love it too!