Oct 30, 2008

Why, Oh Why, Does A Girl Have To Grow Up?

Recently my husband and I took a trip to our cottage in northern Michigan, which also happens to be in the heart of Amish country. Amish workmanship is outstanding...we always shop at the local Amish grocery and hardware stores while in the area. Occasionally we stop to see a hardworking family which has provided wonderful services for us in the past, such as the building of storage barns and quilting. As we drove by their large old farm house this time, I fell in love! This precious, hand built play house was sitting in the meadow - for sale! I may be a grandmother but I want it for my very own! Just look at at the lovely white trim and that sweet little swing on the front porch! And take a look at the inside - a loft! I could just picture myself painting it all pink and filling it with miniature furniture, planning tea parties with my little granddaughters. Oh why, oh why, does a girl have to grow up?

I'm ok now - I think I can go on even though the play house is not to be in my future! Even though I'm not a huge Halloween girl, since it is Halloween today I thought I would close with some pictures even grown ups can enjoy!
While we waited to load on the ferry to Mackinac Island, we enjoyed the pumpkin display on the dock.

If you know anything about Detroit Lion football you know why this guy is frowning!

Is this hand painted pumpkin face cool or what?!

Well, yes, of course the University of Michigan Wolverines would be honored ANYWHERE!

Wolverines vs. Spartans...GO WOLVERINES!!!

Weight watchers before and after pumpkins!

How cute is this little guy?
While in town near our cottage we had dinner at local lodge. They went out for Halloween in a big way!
This creepy guy met us at the door...
...his book of spells rested on the desk nearby.

Last weekend Hubby and I went to Greenfield Village with out kids and granddaughters. They have a cute Halloween walk throughout the village, with lots of carved pumpkins and stops for the kids to get treats.
Of course, the Detroit Tigers were represented - still in a love affair with Detroit, even though they let us down this season!
Piles, stacks, and pyramids of carved lighted pumpkins were everywhere!

Mimi and Papa were in the company of the cutest Tigger and Tinker Bell at the village!

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ceekay said...

Beautiful pictures...beautiful time! the babies are precious....as usual!

Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

I'd love to visit Amish country!
Fun pictures *U*

diadsie said...

What a great post! We live near Amish country here in PA and our shed was built by then. It about 20 yrs old and still has it's original paint!
Great Halloween photos of your adorable grandbabies!
The Secret Gardener

Jewelgirl said...

Your pictures and story made me feel
I was there in Michigan too!
Adorable kids!

Grammy said...

Wonderful post. I love the cottage. And all the pictures.
Thanks. Grammy

grey like snuffie said...

Wonderful post. My daughter's dept. at work decided they should all dress as our local NFL team with paper bags over their heads---too funny. I WANT THAT LITTLE HOUSE---wow, that is amazing.

Hootin' Anni said...

I like that pumpkin elephant and the painted face pumpkin.

Cute little tiger too!!

My Show n Tell is shared. Come by if you can. And I added a comment link right below the end of my show n tell today, since it's such a huge blog for Halloween. Gifts galore for all! If you stop by!!!

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Cute post...and thanks for the visit!

Chez Nous said...

What an adorable playhouse - amazing workmanship! I enjoyed the rest of your photos as well.

Alice said...

Amish country has always been a favorite visit of mine when up in the Maryland area to see family. You lucky lady get to visit whenever you want! And, I'd get the playhouse anyway - who says we have to grow up???

Constance said...

Wonderful pictures! I got a good chuckle over the "Detroit Lions Fan" pumpkin. Until this past Sunday that could have been us Dallas Cowboys fan as well! What a lovely time you must have had! The mouse and weight watcher pumpkins were great too! I posted some carved pumpkins for today's S&T!

Constance said...

Oh my, how could I not comment ton the cute little playhouse? Whaere is my head? Did you see the cute log cabin play house that Frazzled Mom posted? You 2 could get together!

Carla said...

What sweet babies! Neat pumpkin ideas! (love the bag over the head one-I could do that one:)

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Wow, look at all those pumpkins and all different too! That must have been great to see.
Your grandkids are so cute! I'll bet they got lots of treats :0).
I hope you have a great day!

Michelle said...

That little house is great! Yea, wish I had one as a girl. Love the pumpkins!


Love Bears All Things said...

Beautiful cottage!
I never want to grow up. I'll always want to play. However, it is getting harder to get down on the floor and back up.
The before and after WW pumpkins: See once you lose weight, you look older, thin face wrinkles. ugh!
Mama Bear

Lady Katherine said...

The pumpkins were great and the children were so sweet, the man was creepy! I know he was suppose to be! I wish I could go to the Amish Country, I been to one in Tennessee, Thanks for the fun

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

That play house is amazing! And so are those little dolls!!!!!

Lisa Ann said...

I love that little house. How cute is that ? Great pumpkins to.

celestina marie said...

Hi Kathy, your post is great and brought back so many wonderful memories from growing up in Michigan. I always loved to visit Amish country both Michigan and Indiana. The play house is darling. I would love to decorate something like that too. What a dream. Loved all the pumpkins and baby pics.
Have a great weekend.
hugs, Celestina
la rea rose

Technonana said...

I too would love to visit Amish Country!!! This looks like so much fun!!! And the babies are just too adorable!!!
Thanks for Sharing Mimi!!