Oct 10, 2008


Happy PINK Saturday!
I have a couple of things to show this week. This gorgeous vase belonged to my mother-in-law and my husband wanted it when his parents passed away. We've both always loved it's soft pink color and detail...the sweet faced cherubs, the roses - especially the one perfect pink rose bud spilled over inside the vase, the delicate handle and spout, the lacy top edge and base.

See the sweet little PINK rose bud just inside the vase?

The PINK gilded spout on one side looks like a watering can.

The PINK handle is also gilded...so delicate.

I've always loved the rosy angels clinging to the vines.
As posted Wednesday, CeeKay of Thinkin' of Home has been visiting me for the last week. Today we spent the day downtown, enjoying High Tea and shopping. I knew she would love this precious store, Muriel's Doll House. It was pretty bright out today so you can't really see the true pink of the store outside, but it is painted entirely pink with white gingerbread trim, door, and roof. The inside of Muriel's is adorable and wall to wall full with dolls of every kind. There are many replicas of vintage toys and games to choose from - and who could forget about the gorgeous doll houses! My husband and I purchased Madam Alexander baby dolls for both our granddaughters at Muriel's for their first birthday gifts. On our own daughter's first birthday she was presented with a Madam Alexander doll, Victoria. We bought the very same Victoria for her girls. It was fun to show CeeKay Muriel's since it is a town treasure - and after all, we are just grown up pink girls ourselves!

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~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

That is a lovely vase! I'm always drawn to things with angels/cherubs on them.
How sweet that it has family memories with it as well!

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

A very sweet vase with pleasant memories it seems. Lovely

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Kathy.

I can see why you both treasure that piece. It is just exquisite.

Muriel's sounds delightful. I have a Madame Alexander Victoria, too.

Denise Elizabeth said...

So pretty happy pink day! Blessings Denise

Smilingsal said...

That is a most unusual vase. I love it. I'm giving away 3 free books, so be sure to stop by. Happy Pink Saturday!

ellen b. said...

hi Kathy,
The vase is gorgeous and how fabulous to be spending time with a blogging friend and seeing special places around town. My daughter got a Madame Alexander doll for her first birthday too :0)

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Ooooo! I love the pink today. Sounds like you and Ceekay are having a wonderful time. Enjoy the weekend!

Jeanne said...

Kathy, did you post late? I can't believe you don't have comments on the most beautiful vase I have seen in a long time. Your description is wonderful as are your photos. Your husband has a good eye for wanting that gorgeous work of art.
The shop looks so cute and I think it is so special for you to purchase the M.A. Victoria for the girls.

Great post Kathy...Jeanne

My Crafty Little Page said...

Hi Kathy - that is a really unusual piece. I've never seen a spout like that...really pretty. HPS! :)Nancy

Vintage To Chic said...

The vase is gorgeous, I can see why you wanted it , a real treasure.

Dee Light said...

What a special family treasure!! Love the Pink "house". Sounds like a fun day.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I think that is the most gorgeous vase I have ever seen! Happy Pink Saturday and thanks so much for sharing.

Jenny S said...

Great vase! And I love doll houses! Must be a fun store to visit!

Dawn said...

What a beautiful vase!
Madame A is to die for!
Happy pink!

Nerissa said...

That vase is gorgous!
Thanks for visiting over at my blog. Happy PS!

Bobbi Jo said...

The vase is beautiful! That is a cool pink building. Happy Pink Saturday! Hugs, Bobbi Jo-AZ

justabeachkat said...

Wow...what a gorgeous treasure! So many beautiful details.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful vase - and so unique. I love to shop at that store.

Katie said...

What a pretty building that is! Happy Pink Saturday!

Pat said...

Hi Kathy!

Happy Pink Saturday! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog.

The vases is so delicate and detaield -- just gorgeous!

I love the thought of giving your grand daughters Madame Alexander dolls for their first birthday --what a memorable collectible!

I am expecting my first grand child in December -- a boy!

Melissa's Cozy Tea Time Readings said...

What a great vase! Thank you for sharing it with us. happy P.S.

Shelia said...

Evening, Kathy! Oh, that vase is just the most beautiful thing!! I've never seen anything like it and what a treasure to have! Love those little angels!! How nice you've been having such a nice time with Ceekay. She gave me my first blog award and I'll always remember it!!
Have a beautiful weekend and
be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous vase! Just beautiful! It is so much more so that it belonged to your mother-in-law- How special!


She'sSewPretty said...

I've never seen a vase like that. It is gorgeous!

Vanessa Greenway said...

Cute vase! Love those little angels! Have a great weekend! Vanessa

Cori G. said...

Hi Kathy,
Such a sweet vase with all its delicate pink and cherubs. What a special treasure.
I was reading your post the other day about your visit with CeeKay and Mr. Romance. Oh my! Romantic indeed and the fact that the romance spilled over on you too! What a blessing!
Have a fun pink weekend.

Fleur de Bee said...

Oh I just LOVE the name of your blog! My dear Grandmother was named Mimi by ME! I want to be called that when I become a Grandmother too! How fun! That "watering can" - as if that is what it would be reduced to....is STUNNING! Gasping here at how beautiful!!! Lucky you to have a husband with such exquisite taste to "want" it! WOW!

have a great Weekend!!

Sweetie said...

Your vase is beautiful - what a treasure. It is delicately and intricately made. It's so special to spend time with our friends. Thanks for the lovely post.

Kelli said...

It's gorgeous! What a lovely treasure!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful vase. How lovely that you and you and husband were able to have that vase with its beauty and its memories. Its really lovely.

The dollhouses are such a nice idea. How special. I would like to do that with Madeline too. I have one I purchased for me years ago and I have never taken the time (and it would take time) to actually put it together. What a great idea.

Hope you have a lovely day.

Stephanie said...

That is a treasure indeed!!

Happy Pink Saturday!


splummer said...

That's a beautiful Vase!!! Take Care!!


PA Fiber Artist said...

Oh, I love those figurines. They look like they're from Paris!

Happy Pink Saturday.

Thank you for your comment about my little Scottie-Poo.

Happy Harvest Moon!


Nanna said...

what an unusual & pretty vase, thanks for sharing & thanks for stopping by the other day

Anonymous said...

What a lovely vase--just a true family treasure. How fun to be spending time with CeeKay---you girls just have a ball, now, ya hear?
In reference to your post from today (Sunday), I'm a K.Hepburn--wasn't that fun?
Hope your PSat was terrific! Dana

KatCollects said...

How fun. Happy Belated Pink Saturday.

Lara said...

how sweet!

Jeanie said...

A Michigan blogger like me! Your pinks are lovely! Happy belated PS!

Patricia said...

What lovely photos of the beautiful vase. Hope you have a wonderful and Pink new week.

Virginia said...

What a lovely vase!
Happy belated Pink Saturday!
Blessings, Virginia

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Kathy, What an exquisite piece. Absolute eye candy. :o) Happy Belated Pink Saturday to you.

Queen of Dreamsz

Lynne Laura said...

Hi Kathy,

Happy Belated Pink Saturday. Lovely pinks! I know exactly where that doll store is...I only live 8 minutes from it! Small world. Your vase is stunning.

Kindredly, Lynne Laura