Oct 8, 2008

Old Friends and Blogging World Merge!

CeeKay, from Thinkin' of Home, came to visit from Arizona. She and I have known each other for about 27 years. CeeKay and her husband spent a couple of days with us and then my husband and I spent a week with her and her husband last winter. We've been busy this week shopping, antiquing, eating, and blogging. We always have a great time together.
The day CeeKay was to arrive, her husband, whom I must say wins the Mr. Romance award, sent four, yes I said FOUR, boxes ahead of her. He called me early in the day to ask me to open the expected boxes as they arrived. First two long floral boxes arrived. I opened them as instructed and found these gorgeous petite multicolored roses with a sweet card for CeeKay. I promptly arranged them and opened the second box...

Where I found these gorgeous purple and yellow irises with a card for me "the hostess with the mostess". Pretty nice guy, that Mr. Romance.

The third box arrived soon and as I opened it I prepared myself for anything...

These adorable M & M's with CeeKay's face and two or three romantic words imprinted on each piece were inside, so she would remember how much her hubby loves her while she is away. I might add that the shells on the candy were in their WEDDING COLORS! You know, I'm not positive my husband could recite the colors used in our wedding if I held a match to his bare feet, and he's an exceptional husband! Yes, indeed, Mr. Romance is quite the Don Juan.

I could hardly contain my anticipation as I waited for the last box to arrive. I was seriously living vicariously through CeeKay! It finally arrived and I opened it to find...

Listen up, men...Mr. Romance sent a pink pearl necklace to his wife AND to her hostess! Need I say more?

CeeKay arrived on Wednesday afternoon and we had a great reunion talking until late into the night. My Mr. Romance decided to join CeeKay and I on our first day out together, Thursday. We decided to take a drive in search of colored Fall leaves, considering the fact that CeeKay lives in paradise, where no leaf meets the pavement!

We drove down old country lanes with trees hanging over the rode like a natural arbor...
but green, not red, so the search continued.

Still no leaves of red, gold, or orange, but we did find some pretty crab apple trees with pretty little red crab apples...

and some lovely white berries on branches with plum colored leaves.

We stopped to take a nature walk and my Mr. Romance and I strolled down a winding path.

Finally a single red leaf on the still green grass gave us hope...

Eventually we settled for a small bunch of red leafed trees for CeeKay's photo! Having been somewhat successful in our colored leafing expedition, we decided to move on to a sure bet...


My Mr. Romance didn't send roses or romantic M & M's or pearls, and he couldn't find a big old red maple tree, but dog gone it, he could take us to totally awesome Dixboro General Store! It was the first day of their Fall sale, more kudos for my Mr. Romance! The place looked adorable.

After a delightful two hours of exploring every nook and cranny, we decided one last picture of two old girlfriends was in order and then we were on our way to find more fun.

We stopped on church street to see this precious old church...

Now for some real blogging excitement! Do you recognize this header...uh, sign?

As we drove toward home Hubby pulled in to this antique store. As soon as I saw the sign I KNEW I had seen this before. We could hardly wait to get inside and ask the two ladies sitting behind the counter if they were bloggers. Wonders never cease, it was Jan and sister of the very same Feather Your Nest blog! We chatted with the ladies and shopped in the ADORABLE pink and white cottage for some time. I will certainly be back to visit them again soon!

Jan Poe and her sister at Feather Your Nest.

Look closely and you can see CeeKay peeking out and waving through the window!

CeeKay and I couldn't resist one last picture with the sign.

Saturday, CeeKay and I had a full day of shopping, snacking, and then dinner out at a fabulous Italian restaurant...

And then lots of fun at community theater to see Hello Dolly!

On Sunday Hubby, CeeKay, and I had a wonderful time of worship and music at our church.
Monday, Hubby joined CeeKay and I for shopping at my favorite antique mall, then a trip to our local apple cider mill for yummy cider and donuts.

CeeKay and I had a spectacular day downtown today having High Tea at Sweet Afton Tea Room.

See the darling tea cup chandelier?

The Queen herself dines at Sweet Afton's!

The first portion of CeeKay's visit has come to an end. Tomorrow Hubby and I will drive her to stay with her family for nearly two weeks. Then CeeKay will be back to spend one more week of precious girlfriend time here before she has to go home to her Mr. Romance.

Have a delightful week, All!


grey like snuffie said...

How precious and wonderful. I must say my favorite picture is the one of you and your husband on that bench--you guys are so darn cute together. I also LOVE the pic of the crab apple.

Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread said...

I know envy is a sin but......wow! Kathy, how lovely for you to have such a wonderful friend to spend time with and have so much fun. Not to mention Mr. Romance times two! I hope you were dearly blessed each and every moment. Thanks for sharing with us! ~Kathy

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Kathy, It looks like you and CeeKay had a fabulous visit! The pictures are great! Her husband sounds amazing! :) ~Rhonda

Jan~Feather Your Nest Antiques said...

Hi Kathy. Thanks for pitching my shop on your blog! Your pics really came out good and you and CeeKay should have just picked me up and taken me with you! You look like you're having so much fun. My sister went back to Missori on Monday and I'm pretty lonely. How far do you live from my shop? Hope to se you again soon.

Happy @ Home said...

It sounds like you & Ceekay are having a great visit and I am enjoying reading all about it.

Mr. Romance sure does live up to his name. Wow, what a thoughtful guy.

Have fun,

celestina marie said...

Hi Kathy and Hi Ceekay, I am so excited for you girls to have spent a wonderful time together. It is so special to have a dear girlfriend and you both are so blessed. Your activities each day sounds like so much fun and especially how romantic Ceekay's hubby was to send those precious packages ahead. Kathy your hubby was also romantic and sweet to take you girls around and all the great shopping.
Thank you for sharing your special time together and the great pictures of you gorgeous girls. I love the picture from the tea room and also by the "Feather Your Nest" sign. How fun to meet those sweet ladies too.
Thank you also for stopping by tonight Kathy and your sweet comment.
Have a safe trip home Ceekay and see you again soon.
Hugs to you both.
la rea rose