Oct 12, 2008

Where Are You Myrna??

Rhonda, at Scootberblu's Whimsy posted a fun quiz which will match you to an old film dame based on your answers to twenty questions. It sounded like fun so I took the quiz. You can take it too by going to http://www.helloquizzy.com/tests/the-classic-dames-test.

I was matched to Myrna Loy, who really is one of my all time favorite old film actresses. She starred in fun movies like Cheaper By The Dozen, Belles On Their Toes, Couple Takes A Wife, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, Best Years of Our Lives, Connecticut Yankee, and Wife vs. Secretary.

(photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

I've always loved watching old films and I think one of the reasons is that it seems many of the films of the '30's and '40's didn't have a political leaning, nor did they really have any particularly deep intent. They were just fun, easy films to see, giving you a mindless 90 minutes of enjoyment! I think we could use a few more of those films in the theaters today. Life is filled with enough stress without paying $10.00 to see it on screen! When I go to the movies I don't always want to be overwhelmed by devastating climate change, the health care crisis, scandals in our government, or contagious diseases killing off entire countries! Sometimes I just want to go to a nice theater with comfy seats, get a tub of artery clogging buttery popcorn, and watch a delicious film where a pretty woman in beautiful clothes meets and falls in love with a handsome guy and they live happily ever after! They don't get murdered and they don't murder anybody else, they don't rob anyone, build a bomb, or use the F word.

It seem the "Myrna" kinds of films are becoming more rare all the time, but when I see one at the theater like The Holiday (2006) and Becoming Jane (2007) I am first in line to get my two hours of mindless entertainment!


justabeachkat said...

I totally agree with you on what I'd love to see in the movies. And why, oh why, does going to the movies have to cost an arm and a leg for the ticket and some popcorn?


grey like snuffie said...

I'm with you. I keep thinking I need to go in search of old movies through Netflix and start an endless supply headed to our home of fun, clean, classic movies.

Tammy said...

Wow, you are a gal after my own heart! I am such a classic movie buff! I have been since I was a kid, in fact...and maybe having older parents who actually remembered all those old stars back when they were current helped spur my interest!

In fact, though I haven't updated it in forever, I have another blog just about old movies, so hope you can go over and check it out! Maybe I'll try to update it again soon!

Myrna Loy was great...I also love Irene Dunne, Collette Colbert, Maureen O'hara, just to name a few! :)

judicreations said...

I know what you mean about theatres and movies. Everything is changing. I like to find a small town quaint theatre and do the same as you...have that smothered with butter popcorn and sit comfortably in a smaller place enjoying a nice movie.

There is so much nonsense going on around the world...its nice to get away from it and watch a movie thats gentle, and funny...or just a nice story.

Thank you for sharing....