Aug 4, 2008

And...Here They Are!

The three ladies who have signed up to participate in my Pay It Forward giveaway are:
CeeKay from Thinkin' Of Home, Debbie from My Cozy Cottage World, and Kathy from Shocking Pink Thread. If you have not visited these blogs, do so immediately! They are all lovely ladies and hostess' to really beautiful blogs.

CeeKay, Debbie, and Kathy - I will have your packages in the mail by weeks end! Thanks so much for participating. I hope you enjoy your goodies!!


Debbie said...

I'm so excited to be "one of the three".....I love getting presents in the mail!!! I'll post "Pay It Forward" on my blog today...what fun!


CIELO said...

Hi.... just stopping by to thank you for vising my house in the roses; so nice meeting you.


ceekay said...

I love you girl....even without a present...but I will be anxiously waiting!