Aug 25, 2008

Off On A Rant

Some of you know that I have a blood disease which significantly reduces my ability to fight infection and causes some other less than desirable health issues. Well, I don't like to focus on it or make a big deal about it. One, because everybody has something to deal with and I am more fortunate than so many others; two, because what is just is - there's nothing I can do about it but trust God to continue taking care of each issue as it comes up, just like He always has; and three, I am so incredibly blessed and grateful that there is a treatment for my disease and it keeps me plugging along. I receive infusions every three weeks and will for the rest of my life in order to maintain some level of control over this disease. No complaining here. And I think I really do well physically and I push myself to do more than my doctors and family and friends think I ought to be doing. But you know, life is short. I don't intend to sit back and be a professional sick person! I try really hard not to allow my illness to affect everything and everyone in my life. Many people are forced to be sedentary in life because they suffer with health issues that prevent them from being more active. My heart breaks for them. As long as I can do it, I'm livin', girls! And I really do have HUGE respect and gratitude for my health providers. Really, I do. Now having said all that...

How can it be possible for an entire medical office, including the nurse and doctor to be so completely inefficient????? I realize I'm not their only patient, but COME ON PEOPLE! We are presumably talking about people with a significant amount of education and experience in dealing with things such as A BLOOD TEST! I have to have my labs done the last day before an infusion so they can see my cell trough levels, or my counts at their lowest. The nurse called last week to say he had ordered the labs. Then my internist calls and says they want me to have some too and how great, they now have a phlebotomist right in the office so I can bring the specialist's orders too and they will do it all together so as not to risk more veins just before an infusion. Which reminds me, anyone have a vein I can borrow? Finding a decent vein for infusion seems the bane of my existence! Ok, the joint offices problems. Not so fast. This morning I went to the hematology office where I almost always see my specialist. But, of course, they have no idea what I'm talking about. The lady at the desk actually asked me three times if I was SURE I was a patient there! Ya, I think I am. For three years now. So next I called the doctor's second office in another city, thinking maybe he left the order there and the worst that could happen is that I would have to drive out there to get it - whaaaaaaaaaaaaat, she says? However, the good news is they remembered I am their patient. So, I'm thinking, hmmm...maybe he ordered the labs to be done at the chemo clinic tomorrow at the guessed it. Kind and efficient as they are at the chemo clinic, no luck in finding the mysterious lab orders. So now I wait. The doctor will not be in until 1:00 today, then the nurse will have to talk to him and then call me back, then they will have to fax the order to the internist. Hopefully it will be before the phlebotomist leaves at 4:00. If it somehow doesn't happen today, I have an appointment with the specialist in a couple of weeks. I really, really hope he goes off on me about how I have to take my health more seriously and expresses just how very important it was for me to have these labs done at the right time!

I know. Not nice.

I really do know that I should be more understanding and just chill about this mix up. I know there are people dealing with situations of far greater significance. But COME ON PEOPLE! I'm sitting for ten to twelve hours AFTER three or four nurses have tried about 8 times to find a vein in a chemo clinic every three weeks for the rest of my life and a combination of two professional offices can't fax an order or put a paper in a drawer to be picked up? COME ON PEOPLE!


I finally did get my lab work done today after missing the phlebotomist at the internist's office and having to go to another lab. God knew I had had just about all I could take and the tech actually got it on the first try! God even provided me with a pretty funny scene between a patient and an ER doctor to watch while I waited! Oh well, tomorrow is another day, plus I get a brand new fill up of the "medicide" as my son calls it! God and life is great! Have a fantastic week, everyone, and thank you for being so thoughtful to send such lovely notes and especially for your prayers.


Donna said...

Oh Kathy, Bless your heart! What an ordeal. It's very frustrating when things go awry like that, especially when other people's mistakes end up unnecessarily taking up a bunch of your time! I hope it all works out perfectly. Take care. D~~~~

ceekay said...

Now, you KNOW I am going to tell you that you are way too patient and nice with them. This isn't a first....I hope they get it all straightened to you soon!!

Nancy said...

Hi Kathy, I tell you, You never know what someone is going through...I will keep you in my prayers! Nancy

Technonana said...

Oh Honey... I KNOW how frustrating this can be, I have had this kind of frustration just trying to get a presciption filled... going back and forth between the pharmacy, the insurance company and the doctor. Whew... it's absolutely exasperating!!!
I have a friend who has this same desease and like you he still keeps going!! Praying for you through all of this!!!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

We are finding more and more inept people in the doctors offices these days. Plus the automated phones can make one crazy!

We really have to be on top of our own medical issues, and watch out for ourselves, we can't trust the medical employees to do it for us anymore!

I didn't know you had this medical issue, I'm praying for you. I understand a little bit, after going through my husbands chemo and radiation last year.

Have you considered having a port to administer the meds? My dh had one because his veins are evasive.


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Sending a prayer your way that in the future you deal with competent people. :)

Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog recently. It really touched my heart and meant so much.

Come on over and celebrate life on my blog!

Pink Slippers said...

I'm glad things did work out. I have heard such inefficient stories more then once. It's so odd how we think that Dr.s know and they care but in truth, not all do. Your son's remarks about 'filling up' is cute.

Connie said...

I totally understand the frustration. I don't have near the interaction with doctors and specialists as you do, but when I do....sigh.

I'm glad it all worked out for you.

Blessings on you.


A Hint of Home said...

Sorry you've had such a bad experience.
It is true, you have to stay on top of everything yourself these days. They say that nurses are in short supply.
You're in my prayers.

Cori G. said...

Wow Kathy,
You did not have a fun day, but at least you kept your sense of humor and know that the Lord has it all in control.
I will pray for you!
:) Cori

Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread said...

Hi Kathy, what a day you had! The frustration of it all! Thankfully when it was all said and done they got you on the first "stick". I admire your strength in the midst of it all. I'll be praying the next round goes more smoothly!