Aug 18, 2008

The Business of the Day

First of all, I must mention that CeeKay, at Thinkin' of Home is on an anniversary trip with her husband to exciting Las Vegas! She left behind a cute post of her top ten favorite songs. Make sure you visit her blog!

Now, the business of the day...I am simply ashamed of myself!

I participated in a fun Pay It Forward giveaway a few weeks ago. I read about it on Lorena's blog, Rose Chic Friends. I thought it sounded like fun and a nice way to meet new people and just do something nice for someone else. Well, I did send three women gifts, but first I received a lovely gift from Lorena. She hand made this darling sachet and sweet pin! Plus, she sent along a cute little post-it pad.

Aren't I the lucky girl! Thank you, Lorena, for your sweet gift. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to post about it. I'm usually better at saying thank you - really, I am!

If any of you are so inclined to participate in your own Pay It Forward giveaway, you will receive a blessing as well as a gift!


Nancy said...

Good Evening Kathy, What sweet gifts you recieved! I wil have to do this little game sometime, I love to send out little things and I love to recieve them as well. Hope you have a great week, nancy

Pink Slippers said...

That was a sweet post.

celestina marie said...

Hi Kathy, You are a lucky girl to recieve one of Lorena's creations. I know you feel blessed.
I wanted to stop over and thank you for your visit to my anniversary post and giveaway. I am touched by your kind comment.
Big Hugs, See you again soon!
la rea rose