Aug 30, 2008

Pink Pretties

Happy Pink Saturday everyone! Beverly at How Sweet the Sound is kind enough to arrange this fun blog-a-thon. Visit her lovely blog to see all the participants with Pink Saturday posts!

Last Christmas my husband, knowing I am a pink girl, gave me this sweet fur (faux, of course) throw and matching pillow. It is the softest, loveliest throw I've ever had. My grandbaby girls love it too!

I found this precious pink sweater for my two little pinkies in training, granddaughters Sydney and Isabelle. It's not easy to find matching clothes for a four year old and a one year old, but it is a mission that Mimi must accomplish from time to time!

Gotta keep those heels nice and smooth!

Has anyone else noticed how difficult it is to find scented bath powder? It seems that years ago almost all fragrances had a bath powder available in the same scent. I don't know of any fragrance lines that have powder now. I LOVE bath powder and so do my mom and sisters. I finally found this pink and beautifully scented bath powder so I bought enough to take some to my mother and sister when I visit them.

If you live or vacation near St. Petersburg Florida, you already know the Don CeSar, otherwise known as the Pink Palace. It is a gorgeous hotel and beach resort built in 1928 on St. Pete Beach. Inside and out, SPECTACULAR!! If you want to see more of it, go to If you're ever near St. Petersburg Florida it is well worth the time to go see the Don CeSar in person.


Donna @ Party Wishes said...

Love the hotel! Reminds me of the Royal Hawaiian in Honolulu.

ceekay said...

Love the pinkness in training...too cute!

Darlene said...

Oh, that pink throw and pillow looks so soft and lush!! That resort is beautiful. Happy Pink Saturday!

Dawn said...

That is quite the pink "palace"

I remember scented powders. I haven't thought about them in such a long time. I do remember loving them though.

The pink sweater is so pretty!

The throw looks so comfy!!
Happy Pink Saturday!

take care,

Cori G. said...

HI Kathy,
That Pink resort is so beautiful that I'm embarressed to say I forgot what else you posted. Oh Cute pink matching sweaters and I just remembered the warm pink fur throw...very darling!
Have a wonderful weekend.
Cori G.


Happy Pink Saturday!

Lovely PINK post!

~ Gabriela ~

g said...

Very sweet pink things. I just want to curl up in that throw, it looks so comfy.

I love the hotel - how elegant is that! Thanks for the link so we can see how fantastic it is!

My family lives in Tampa, and my BIL got married on the beach in St. Pete - but not at this place! I will definitely check it out next time we visit.

Happy Pink Saturday!

Virginia said...

Love all your pink pictures.
Have a Happy Pink Saturday and a Wonderful Labor Day!
Blessings, Virginia

Fifi Flowers said...

Sign me up for the pink resort... my pink luggage is packed and ready for some fun... do they serve pink champagne?

ellen b. said...

hi Kathy,
You showed us a great bunch of pink today. I love the pink sweater! so darn cute...

Smilingsal said...

Yes, Florida knows how to build pink buildings and have them look pretty!

Happy Pink Saturday!

bj said...

ooo, I loved everything in your PINK post...very nice, indeed.
Thanks for sharing...

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Kathy. I love those little sweaters.

The Don CeSar is one of my favorite places. I have a link for it on my blog.

Katie said...

Mmmmmmm, that pink throw is so unique! Pink Mink! Hee hee

Anne Fannie said...

Kathy, love all your pinkness!

Joy said...

Everything is absolutely eye candy! The hotel, wow, it's amazing.

Margie said...

Oh, that plush *pink* throw and pillow look so cozy and comfy! The resort is beautiful! and the little *pink* sweater is adorable!