Aug 12, 2008

Music and Memories

I happen to be one of those people who really enjoy music on my blog page. I wasn't sure I would before I added it, because let's face matter how much you love "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" there might be a limit to how often you want to hear it! And as all of you devoted bloggers know, keeping a blog page up to date takes a fair amount of time so you could end up hearing it until you want to join Dorothy over the rainbow! I decided to give the music thing a try on my page anyway and I have decided that it's for me! I thought it might be interesting to explain though, because the song choices may seem like an odd mix! I love each of the songs listed for specific reasons.

1. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" performed by Eva Cassidy

A few years ago I decided to make up a questioner of sorts for my family at Christmas. We all meet at my parents home in Tennessee after Christmas and since there are a lot of people to keep entertained for several days I thought it would be fun to let everyone share their thoughts and idea on a large range of subjects. One of the questions was for each person to share their all time two favorite songs. Even though we had never told each other before, I and all of my siblings listed Somewhere Over the Rainbow as one of our all time favorite songs. After that, a song I had always thought was beautiful, took on new meaning. It was a shared connection between myself and my brother and two sisters.

2. "How Beautiful" - performed by Twila Paris

This song is gorgeous because of it's soft melody and Twila Paris' sweet voice. But if you listen to the words you will find that they are representative of God's love and sacrifice for us and the family His followers make together.

3. "Brown Eyed Girl" - performed by Van Morrison

When my husband and I were dating this song was popular. He sang it to me constantly because my eyes were brown-er then! Every time I hear it today I remember those sweet days of dating and being engaged and my sweetheart singing to me.

4. "Redeemer" - performed by Nicole C. Mullen

I adore this song, first, because it completely expresses what I believe spiritually. Secondly, just listen to this girl sing...incredible!

5. "Home" - performed by Michael Buble

My daughter loves Michael Buble. She gave me a CD of his music simply because she loved it and wanted to share its beauty with me. That is reason enough for me to choose his music. But this particular song is about the healing quality of home. There is no place I long to be more than home when things are not as they should be.

6. "Under the Boardwalk" - performed by The Drifters

Ah, the Drifters! Another one of those dating songs. My husband and I loved this one. Then when our daughter Julie had her 16th birthday we had a Sweet 16 party for her in our backyard and they must have played this song a million times. I think the girls thought it was a chance to slow dance with boys!

7. "Chances Are" - performed by Johnny Mathis

Who doesn't love Johnny Mathis? Ok, lots of people according to my family! Well, I DO love him and I always have. Even when I was a teenager his albums were right there mixed in with my Beatle albums! "Chances Are" was sung at our wedding.

8. "12th of Never" - performed by Johnny Mathis

Also sung at our wedding. We had a friend who's voice could pass for the real Johnny so he sang at our wedding and reception. My husband and I have decided to dance to this song at our sons wedding.

9. "Moon River" - performed by Andy Williams
Andy Williams is also one of those men you just can't not like if you are at least in your 50's! Moon River is just a beautiful song and I can remember my father singing it with his beautiful voice around the house.

10. "Come Away With Me" - performed by Nora Jones

The first time I visited my oldest friend after she had tragically lost her husband we must have listened to this song hundreds of times. For some reason it just felt comforting to both of us. Instead of being reminded of a painful time of loss, this song reminds me of a time my oldest and best girlfriend and I sat in the floor for five days listening to Nora Jones as our hearts began to heal.

11. "Wild Thing" - performed by The Toggs

Ok...this one might seem like an odd choice but it has history! I was a teenager in the 70's and Wild Thing was a song everybody liked - I know I did. Well, apparently I was liberal in teaching my son as a toddler, songs of my teen years! I will never forget picking my sweet, angelic faced boy up from Kindergarten each day and before I got to the door I could see him peeking out watching for me. He was a Mama's boy and the first to admit it, then and now! By the time I was within 30 feet of the door I could hear him belting out...

"wild make my heart make everything gooovy...wild thing...wild thing, I think I love you."

I will love that memory forever!

Our children went to a private Christian school and I could also see a pinch faced, sour looking kindergarten teacher standing over him with a look of total disgust that my child was singing such a song and that he had told her I was the one who taught it to him! (No offense to those who are involved with Christian schools - ours was a baaaaad experience, though I am sure many of them are quite wonderful.) Honest, if you listen to the song, there really is nothing inappropriate about it!

12. "Here and Now" - performed by Luthor Vandross

First of all, it is just a beautiful, beautiful song performed by the master of love songs. My daughter and son-in-law danced their first dance at their wedding reception to this song. It was precious.

So those are the songs on my play list and why I chose them. I believe we attach memories to music and whenever we hear those special songs again we are gifted to relive those wonderful days of the past again and again and again!


Technonana said...

Kathy... what great songs and I love the way you describe each of them and why they mean so much to you, especially "Wild Thing" how adorable!!! It reminded me of my sweet boy you used to belt out "Mama Loves Me" by Paul Simon. But instead of saying..'she gets down on her knees and hugs me', he would sing, 'she gets down on her knees and hit's me... she loves me like a rock... oh she loves me, my mama loves me."
Thanks for the memories!!!

Tracy said...

Great play list, Kathy!...I think I like Eva's rendtion almost better than Judy Garlands on "Over the Rainbow"...if that's possible! Nice mix of tunes here...Happy Days ((HUGS))

ceekay said...

I am sitting here chuckling, because only you Kathy could know her 10 favorite songs and account each story behind it...I can't even remember the titles of most songs!!! Hubby is always shaking that head wondering how I don't know that!!!! I loved hearing all the reasons behind your songs...Guess I should give that some thought - I will keep you posted!!! You KNOW I love a good challenge.

A Hint of Home said...

Oh Kathy, those songs bring back memories.
We always go around our house singing a variety of songs, and yes some are oldies but goodies.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

How special that you and your siblings share a favorite song!!
I enjoyed reading about the songs you like and the stories behind them!

Firefly Nights said...

There's certainly nothing odd about your selection of songs. I think the best music is a variety of music. My choices would come from just about everything except hip hop, rap, and hard rock. I like all of what you picked very much.