Feb 13, 2009

Be Mine, Pink Saturday Valentine!

Happy Pink Saturday Valentine's Day everyone!
I'd like to show you some more pink from around my house. Of course some of it has been decorated for Valentine's Day.

I absolutely adore these heart shaped dessert plates. I have four and hubby and I have searched for a year to find more - no luck! They are, of course, perfect for Valentine's Day, but I use them year round for special treats and guests.

My Valentine mantel - lots of candles - candlesticks and a variety of glass containers filled with seas glass and beads. I used tiny white lights and looped and twirled red and pink wired ribbon with hearts around them. I love using the lights all year - they're not just for Christmas!

This cherry table sits in my front entry. I always decorate it for holidays and seasons to compliment the mantel in our family room. I usually display these two vintage vases in Spring and Summer. Both flaunt gorgeous pink roses. On the vase to the left, cherubs dance among pink climbing roses. The vase on the right was hand painted by a dear old family friend. She was a master at painting these soft roses and leaves.
Some red heart foil garland is twirled among the wedding pictures, vases, candles, and snifters of sea shells.

This painted chest rests under the hall table. It's hand painted with roses and has a vintage appeal - though it is not. I bought it new about 20 years ago. And - no, I didn't paint it!

This tall rosy painted umbrella stand sits on the floor next to the table and holds an overflowing bouquet of pink Ranunculus!
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Susan said...

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Valentine's Day Kathy!

Love your valentine decor... especially the heart shaped plates (Of course!)


tardevil said...

That heart plate is gorgeous! Hope you have a great Valentine's Day!

Judith said...

you are quite right those heart shaped plates are gorgeous and I admire the way you have decorated your house for the occasion. I must admit it is something I have never thought of doing but maybe!! I will this year. take care, Judith

debbie said...


Heather said...

very pretty decorations! I think the mantel is my favorite! Happy Valentine's Day!

JudyBug said...

Happy Valentine's Day. Love your dessert plates. I hope you can find more one day!

Elizabeth said...

What lovely dessert plates, I can see why you use them year-round!

CC said...

I love all your pretty things.. I've never seen heart shaped plates.They're beautiful. Happy Valentines Day..have a lovely Pink Saturday.

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

happy pink saturday & happy valentine's day.. you got lovely valentine display all over your house.. lovely!

~CC Catherine said...

Hey Kathy, Thanks for the tour of pinks throughout your home! I loved it! ;) I can't sleep tonight...so, catching up on my blogging! ;) ~CC Catherine (still in PA)

~CC Catherine said...

Hey Kathy, Thanks for the tour of pinks throughout your home! I loved it! ;) I can't sleep tonight...so, catching up on my blogging! ;) ~CC Catherine (still in PA)

Riet said...

Your house is decorated lovely for the occasion. Happy belated pink Saturday

Mimi said...

Happy Pink Saturday, oh, and ♥Valentine's Day♥ too!! What a lovely sharing today. Thanks so much!

PS: A little late. Spent the day and evening yesterday with my little grandsons. Nothing like three, handsome men for distraction!

Stephanie said...

I love all your PINK...especially the hearth. I am inspired to take another look at mine!

Loved the poem and pics...and my goodness what a pretty ring...Lucky You!!

Happy (belated) Pink Saturday!!


Loretta said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I love all your beautiful pink things!