Feb 9, 2009

Romance Week Post #3 - You're Still You

"You're Still You"

Josh Groban Concert

Source You Tube


Sweetie said...

The only word that can describe the music is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much for sharing.

grey like snuffie said...

Glory that young man has a voice. He was here in KC when he was just getting started and one of my daughters saw him. We're hoping he comes back now that we have a new HUGE arena in the Big City. You're setting the mood for the week.

Danette said...

Isn't Josh Grobin WONDERFUL!!!

Judith said...

Karl (son) bought me his Christmas CD obviously for Christmas lol but I keep playing it and 'Silent Night' can be heard most mornings in my house!!

Joni said...

GORGEOUS SONG! I'm heading over to iTunes to buy it right now! Thanks for the beauty today, and enjoy the sunshine we've got for this time...!

Blondie's Journal said...


Thanks for making my heart beat a little faster today!!


~CC Catherine said...

I adore the music of Josh Grobin. Totally so cool! ;) Thanks Mimi! ;) ~CC Catherine